Professional Training

Active Shooter

The active shooter course taught by Thompson Lehman Security utilizes world recognized methods and principles including the run, hide, fight mentality. Taught by a Veteran SWAT Coordinator and Trainer, this course is a must for any business, facility, or institution.

Basic First Aid

Basic first aid is an essential requirement for any individual, household or business. Taught by trained professionals, this basic course is well adapted to suit any situation.

advanced adult-child-infant cpr

Our advanced CPR training course is well designed to help save life when you need it the most. Our professionals will ensure upon completion of the course, you are confident and competent in the skill and ability required of an advanced life saver.

advanced combat first aid-"stop the bleed"

Taught by our own in-house TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) Paramedic. This advanced combat first aid course is custom tailored to suit individuals who need to save life when it matters the most. Individuals and companies with employees who are deploying overseas are highly encouraged, and often required to studiously pass this course.

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