Executive Protection

Keep You, Your Business, Even Your Loved Ones Protected

Our executive personal protection service gives you complete peace of mind whether you are located in the USA or overseas. Highly trained bodyguard professionals keep watch, while you travel in safety. With over 30 years worth of security and protection operations – your safety is in good hands with Thompson Lehman.

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Trusted Experience

Thompson Lehman’s expert security processes prevent issues before they occur. We understand the variety of cultural, religious, and political dynamics that can potentially create challenges in any situation.  Because security and threat analysis is a priority at Thompson Lehman, you get a team of bodyguard professionals that are uniquely equipped to assess any situation and quickly evaluate the potential threats.

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Air Transportation Services

Whether on the ground or in the air, you can be sure you’re protected. Thompson Lehman offers VIP personal air transport services anywhere in the world, including high risk areas.

Air Center Helicopters, our air transport partner
Founded by Rod Tinney, CEO, Air Center Helicopters started doing business in 1982. With over 20,000 flight hours, they have the best-in-industry experience to provide safe, efficient and discreet travel alternatives to clients worldwide. Air Center Helicopters welcomes business or pleasure charters, and can effortlessly handle short term notification.