Risk Management

In an ever increasingly more dangerous world, it is important to safeguard your business and your property. From government facilities, to corporate buildings, we do it all. It’s no surprise that in the current political and socio-economic climate, the risk of crime and terror have increased exponentially. Get with Thompson Lehman today to protect your investment before its too late.

Our Comprehensive Services

Threat Assessments

Threat Assessments are used to help determine the probability of potentially adverse events from negatively impacting your investments. We use a wide range of sources to determine the threat level in your specific geographical location. Our process provides you with the information needed to determine the real, perceived, and conceptual threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is an examination of security weaknesses and identifies any potential for adversaries to exploit for their own gain. Through a myriad of tools and analysis, Thompson Lehman helps to identify, mitigate, and protect against threats, while reducing risk.

Due to the fact that every property or building is different in layout and scope, we tailor a custom plan to suit your needs.

Liability Evaluation

Our seasoned security consultants will evaluate your companies security plan. Based on our full and complete analysis, we will recommend changes and improvements to help limit potential liability. Thompson Lehman provides risk mitigation strategies and methods to help limit the exposure of your assets.