Armed Transportation

Custom Tailored To Suit Your Needs

For secure ground-to-ground services including to and from stores, residences, events, and shows. Thompson Lehman is the company you can rely on to move your valuables with the highest level of security. From Texas offices in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin we service your transportation needs nationwide. Discrete and professional, we tailor our service to your unique needs.

Cost-effective rates are always a concern, and you can rest assured that we provide the most affordable service without sacrificing security to the client.

high value product transport dallas texas
high value product transport dallas texas

Utmost Discretion During Transportation

Your transportation service will be handled discreetly and “under the radar”. All officers wear business or business casual and conceal their weapons. They transport your personnel or high value property in unmarked, armored or unarmored vehicles.

Protect Your Valuables In Transit Without Breaking Your Budget

We have rigorous requirements for our personnel – but we don’t try to overcharge you for this premium service. Our pricing is fair and reasonable. As we like to say, we do just a few things – but we are the best at what we do.

Don’t rely on a generic staffing agency to provide you with best in class service. Rely on Thompson Lehman as your security experts.

Impenetrable Vault Services

State-of-the art private vault services are always used to protect valuables during longer transports or for extended storage.

Inwood security vaults logo

In North Texas, valuables are stored at Inwood Security Vaults, one of the few private safe deposit box facilities in the U.S.  The vaults are more secure than bank vaults.  Built from the ground up to be a fortress, Inwood Vaults has foot thick steel reinforced concrete walls, floors, and ceilings and boasts five layers of bullet-proof glass across the lobby. Inwood Vaults’ security system was built into the very framework and not just added to an existing structure. There has never been any loss due to theft or damage in over 30 years of operation.

secure air transport

Secure Transport In The Air

For air-transport services, Thompson Lehman partners with an air express company, who is recognized worldwide as providing the ultimate in airplane transport security.