Firearms Training



Everyone is invited to join the Thompson Lehman team in a fun, relaxed environment learning safety and security with our basic firearms courses. Our trainers are eager to share their knowledge to further the protection of yourself, your family, and your community.

Experienced and beginner levels are encouraged to sign up!


Thompson Lehman is offering advanced security training for companies and personnel. Sign up for more technical courses designed to decrease liability that could arise from everyday, unexpected circumstances.

Firearms Training


Reach out for more tailored training specific to individual needs and purposes. Get the most out of the wide range of skill-sets provided by Thompson Lehman and craft the perfect course objectives for your needs.

Women on Target

Experience a crash course taught by women, for women. This is a hands-on introduction to firearms safety, handling, and shooting skills. Our trainers will work individually to ensure quality instruction and confidence building from the ground up

Classes Pending for 2023

Lehman Range in Crowley, Texas

Basic Pistol Courses: $175

No Firearm? No Problem! Just let us know!

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Our instructors are available throughout Texas

For custom inquiries please fill out the Notes & Special Requests section

For custom inquiries please fill out the Notes & Special Requests section