Community Engagement

From Wounded 2 Warrior Foundation

Thompson Lehman Partnership

Thompson Lehman Security & protection proudly assists the “From Wounded 2 Warrior Foundation“. We participate in community outreach by assisting Veterans of all ages with their mental health. 

Maurice Lehman is a U.S. Army retired combat-disabled veteran and was a Private Military Contractor, GS-15, and a High-Risk Body Guard with over 68 months fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Founder of Thompson Lehman Security & Protection, Maurice decided to help co-found the organization after spending years in rehabilitation to recover from the extreme adrenaline resulting from numerous combat engagements.

From the "Wounded 2 Warrior Foundation"

We are a community of From Wounded 2 Warriors building up a community of service minded warriors. It is okay to be who you are: veteran or civil servant. It does not matter what you did: type of service, time in service, or retirement status. We are here to help you find wholeness again: to help you find yourself, your family, and yourself back into our community.
Here is how we do it. Our experienced members guide you: they have been where you are. They want to help you move forward. Our yoga: restorative yoga helps you find where you are and yoga nidra helps you find where you belong. Then you can pass it forward.

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